Career Cycle #2 – science, engineering and design

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (ongoing)
Towards a BSc and MSc in Engineering Physics (Civilingenjör Teknisk Fysik)
Currently BSc Thesis in Neuromorphic Computing at the Dept. of Applied Physics, KTH

Faculty of Science, Lund University / Stockholm University (ongoing)
Completed courses in physics (30 hp), mathematics (30 hp) and chemistry 37,5 hp (general chemistry 7,5 hp, inorganic chemistry 7,5 hp, organic chemistry 7,5 hp, biochemistry 7,5 hp, analytical chemistry I, 7,5 hp). Current partially completed courses; chemistry of the cell advanced course 15 hp, analytical chemistry II 7,5 hp, plant and zoo physiology 15 hp

Exeger Sweden AB, Stockholm (2013/2014)
Scientist at the dye sensitized solar cell lab. The work included planning and performing scientific experiments and building test cells with the purpose of optimizing performance. During my time in the lab I was the record holder in the company for the construction of best performing research cells.

Designtorget AB, Stockholm (2015/2016)
Sustainability and chemical advisor regarding restrictions and requirements on chemical substances in products

Fastdev AB
Design and strategy related work

Product designer and founder of *cordctrl / *podctrl product concept
Marvelous Mechanics AB
, Stockholm (2007 – 2013)
I founded the product concept *cordctrl and *podctrl in which I’ve been involved in all phases of its development from innovation and design of both the product,packaging and display material, sourcing and manufacturing in China and Sweden, to sales and marketing including trade fairs exhibitons, negotiating distribution deals and building distribution and logistics capabilities. *cordctrl was granted Almi Innovation Loan and was nominated the Product of the Year by Designtorget, Sweden’s largest design store chain in 2008. The product has been sold in high end design stores in Scandinavia, Europe, US, Japan, Australia and more, e.g. MoMA in NYC and Tokyo, Magazine in Germany, Axis Living Motif and AssistOn in Tokyo, Louisiana in Copenhagen, Nordiska Galleriet, Moderna Museet and Designtorget. About 100 000 units were sold.

Extra Curricular Activities

Aesir KTH Rocket Society (2016-2018). Part of the team buidling KTH’s first student hybrid rocket

Participant at the COSPAR Congress at Caltech / JPL, Pasadena, California, July 2018

Participant at the 12th European Workshop on Astrobiology organized by Stockholm University and KTH, November 2012

Assistant at the Symposium on the History and Philosophy of Astrobiology at Ven,organized by the Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, September 2011

Participant at the Symposium of Exoplanets and Astrobiology, Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, May 2011

Winner of the SSE Business Plan Competition

SSE Representative to the European Business Plan of the Year Finals Spain

Swedish Winner of the European Senior High School Art Competition

Career Cycle #1 business management and investment banking

Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
M.Sc. in Business and Economics / Major in Accounting and Finance (4,5 years)
Exchange semester at Graduate School of Business of National University of Singapore / MBA courses in Corporate Strategy and Marketing (6 months)
Master’s Thesis “Managerial Issues of Product Platform Development in the Gaming Industry”. The research project was supervised by Prof. Christer Karlsson at the Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology at the SSE and received excellent grade

Stockholm University
Magister in Computer and System Sciences (Data och Systemvetenskap) (2 years)
Thesis “Outlook of the FX Trading System, Explorative Study of FX Trading Processes”. Tutor Björn Rosengren at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences in collaboration with Thomas Tyblad of OM Group (now Nasdaq OMX)

Morgan Stanley, London (2003/2004)
Financial Analyst, Investment Banking Division, Media and Telecom Group.
As the only Swedish graduate, I was selected to join the Class of 2003 Financial Analysts at Morgan Stanley in London. At the Investment Banking Division I was involved in executing various transactions: M&A-related (e.g. the Fairness Opinion of Digitel, the subsidiary of Telecom Italia in Venezuela), Debt-related (e.g. the Restructuring and High Yield Bond-Offering of Millicom, a Luxembourg-based telecom operator operating in Asia, Africa and Latin America) and Equity-related (e.g. the Initial Public Offering of Eircom, an Irish telecom operator)

Stella Advisors, Stockholm (2005/2006)
Financial Analyst / Associate (Consultant).
A corporate finance boutique firm specialized in the Media sector. Worked as an analyst and associate with financial modeling, market research and valuation for clients such as Aller, IEC, A-pressen

Freelance corporate finance and management consultancy, Stockholm (2006 – )
Stella Advisors – financial modelling, market research, corporate finance work for clients within media sector, such as A-pressen, IEC Sports, Aller Förlag, Mitt i, Sto-Cph
Equity Science – financial analysis and modelling for UK hedge fund client
Geneline AB – corporate strategy work
QnB – business analysis, market research for Rockparty and Exportrådet
Springlife – Statistical analysis regarding co-worker surveys, + 50 presentations and workshops for co-workers and management teams regarding organisational analysis for clients such as Skandia, PRV, Banverket, Region Skåne and more.
Fastdev – corporate strategy and management consultancy work

Earlier experiences:

OM Group (now Nasdaq OMX) (2002-2003)
As part of the business development team, I was responsible for analyzing different trading solutions on the foreign exchange market. The work was part of a Master’s Thesis in Computer and Systems Sciences.

DiamondCluster – Management Consulting (2000)
As an intern with DiamondCluster I worked on various market strategy projects for Norwich Union in Spain, Scandinavia Online in Sweden and Ericsson in Switzerland. Working all over Europe in diverse teams on challenging strategy projects was a great learning experience.

Project First Byte – Third World Development Africa (1998-1999)
I was the initiator and project leader of a public-private development initiative in South Africa focusing on building up IT-infrastructure and educational resources for schools in poor townships and squatter camps. The initiative received broad attention in the Swedish press, including cover articles in Dagens Nyheter, Metro and Ny Teknik

Carnegie – Investment Banking (1996-1997)
As assistant at the Corporate Finance Division I worked of several Initial Public Offerings such as the IPOs for Ticket and Castellum. Prior to this I was part of the team handling the back-office implementation of the new issue of shares of Klövern.