Current Digital Designs of Scandinavia

Major Scandinavian Design Agencies:

Examples of major design agencies in Scandinavia are Snask, Bold Scandinavia, Kurppa Hosk, Identity Works, Oakwood Creative, Söderhavet and North Kingdom. They do most design work for the major players in Scandinavia. To get a feeling of the current aesthetic expressions and design style it’s graet to study and get inspiration from these players and their customer cases. Click in each image to go to each website. Below I will also highlight some customer cases that describe how they work with the whole design process from identity to all visual communications of the customers’ brands.

Graphical design process and examples

Below are some examples of the design process from identity creation to graphical, physical and digital designs that expresses the identity. The Design Agency Bold have very good presentations of how they work throughout the whole process, check out their video presentations under each case. These examples are not necessarily examples of my aesthetic style, but rather examples of the design process and the holistic approach of starting with defining and creating the identity and then letting that identity be expressed in all visual communication. The identity creation process starts with a deep analysis of the core of the customer, understanding their core values, their vision and mission. From this a mood board is created with a lot of inspiration both from the customer and from it’s context. Based on this an identity is created for the customer. All visual communication of the customer’s brand is then derived from this identity – logotype, graphical profile, office interiors, merchandise, trade fair designs, product designs, graphical designs on web, mobile applications and social media posts. I have structured the examples in terms of industries to get an feeling of the current visual expressions for each industry in Scandinavia.